Monday, August 31, 2009

Free Pet Foods and Samples to help your budget

  • Pet Food--Free Cesar Bistro Dog Food ( Saturday 9 am - first 1,500 )
  • Pet Food--Free Tasty Sample Pack from Dinovite Pet Products
  • Pet Food--Free 2.2 pound Bag of Canine Caviar or Feline Caviar
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Special Mix Bird Food ( UK only )
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Healthy Cat Food and Dog Food
  • Pet Food--Free $500 Petco Gift Card for Your Participation
  • Pet Food--Free Month's Supply of Food for Adopted Pets ( mail-in )
  • Pet Food--Free Dog Food and Treats samples from Dogswell
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food ( Canada )
  • Pet Food--Free Can of Mighty Dog Dog Food
  • Pet Food--Free Bag of Natura Dog or Cat Food ( OR and OH only )
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Nature's Variety Pet Foods
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs ( US )
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs ( CAN )
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Petite Cuisine Cat Food
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Doggy Delightz Baked Dog Treats
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Natural Treats from Treat People
  • Pet Food--Free Cans of Halo Pet Food with Coupon
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Yappy Treats for Your Dog
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Cat or Dog Food from Pet Eats ( MI only )
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Life's Abundance Pet Food
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Puppy or Dog Food from Delta Pet
  • Pet Food--Free Reptile Food samples from Nature Zone
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Benny's Bully's Dog Training Treats
  • Pet Food--Free sample of Brisky Chinchilla and Hedgehog Food

Free Kids Products and Samples to help your budget

These freebies don't last long...suscribe by email to get them fresh.

  • Kids!--Free "Cells, Genes and Protein Machines" Coloring Books
  • Kids!--Free "Dr. Seuss" Lorax Activity Book and More
  • Kids!--Free $10 for Kids Reading Ten Books this Summer
  • Kids!--Free PETA Kids Circus Pack, Stickers and Poster
  • Kids!--Free Sign-Up for the Katie Kazoo Classroom Crew Kit
  • Kids!--Free Bowling All Summer - 2 Games per Day
  • Kids!--Free "Toby the Train" Coloring Book
  • Kids!--Free LA Dodgers Junior Dodgers Fan Club Kit
  • Kids!--Free CD and Poster from
  • Kids!--Free "Louie the Lightning Bug" Safety Booklet
  • Kids!--Free Comic Books from the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Kids!--Free BFF Wristbands (2) from
  • Kids!--Free Wild About Healthy Vision Activity Book ( ages 9-12 )
  • Kids!--Free Comic Books from the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Kids!--Free NASCAR Hero Card from PVA Racing
  • Kids!--Free Pair of 3-D Glasses from the Cartoon Network
  • Kids!--Free "The Adventures of Julia and Robbie" from FEMA
  • Kids!--Free Activity Books for Kids from the NEI
  • Kids!--Free sample of Kids Cards - As Real As It Can Get
  • Kids!--Free Healthy Habits Activity Book for Kids from Lysol
  • Kids!--Free Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book on Bullying
  • Kids!--Free Tomato "T" Coloring Book from Texas Tomatoes
  • Kids!--Free Washable Tattoo of the Gold Potato Pirate
  • Kids!--Free Safety Rangers Trading Cards and Other Cool Stuff
  • Kids!--Free Muggsy's Meadow CD-Rom Full of Games and Cartoons
  • Kids!--Free "Where Are My Manners" CD for Kids
  • Kids!--Free "Charlie the Church Mouse" Coloring Book
  • Kids!--Free Pencils and Sticker from Kids Against Global Warming
  • Kids!--Free "Buddy McNutty" Comic Book from Nat'l Peanut Board
  • Kids!--Free Pokémon Kid's Activity Packs from Amtrak
  • Kids!--Free "Tomato T" Coloring Book from Texas Tomatoes
  • Kids!--Free Kids' Activity Flyers from Organic Valley
  • Kids!--Free Pack of "Pokemon" Stickers and a Free Magnet
  • Kids!--Free "Too Smart to Start: Ready, Set, Listen" Board Game
  • Kids!--Free Pair of 3-D Glasses (e-mail your name and address)
  • Kids!--Free "Baby Food" Book for Kids from Omnicef for Kids
  • Kids!--Free "Planet Protector" Kit for Kids from the US EPA
  • Kids!--Free "A Chicken's Life" Coloring Book and Stickers
  • Kids!--Free Puzzle Club Adventure Book "The Pet-Napping Mystery"
  • Kids!--Free Kid's Activity Flyer from Organic Valley
  • Kids!--Free "Hello Kitty" Stuff, Newsletter and Magazine from Target
  • Kids!--Free "Celebrate Me!" Children's Book from NeoStrata
  • Kids!--Free US Air Force Thunderbirds Coloring Book and Stickers
  • Kids!--Free "Kemo Shark" Comic Book & Video Tape for Kids with Cancer
  • Kids!--Free "Yes, We Can! Understand Money" Activity Book from Stowers
  • Kids!--Free Subscription to "Legoland" Magazine and Free Club Benefits
  • Kids!--Free "Planet Protector" Kit - Board Game, Badge, Poster and More
  • Kids!--Free Personalized "Tween Talk" Empower Card (print and mail-in)
  • Kids!--Free "Yellow Ribbon" Kid's Safety Cards - Printable or Get by Mail
  • Kids!--Free sample of Fun Felt Educational Products - Kids, Parents, Teachers
  • Kids!--Free "Disaster Action Kids" Stickers, Poster, Video, Door Hangers

Free Nutrition Products and Samples

Typically these samples don't last long so hurry and get yours!

  • Nutrition--Free sample of Controlled Labs Quality Supplements
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Mass Stacks from Universal Nutrition
  • Nutrition--Free Vitamin and Sport Drink samples from Ola Loa
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Drinkables Liquid Supplements
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Coromega Orange Flavor Omega 3
  • Nutrition--Free $125 Toward Vitamin World for Your Participation
  • Nutrition--Free Nutritional Product sample from Lewis Labs
  • Nutrition--Free sample of TripleFlex from Nature Made
  • Nutrition--Free Easy Mix Psyllium Fiber sample from Konsyl
  • Nutrition--Free sample of NanoGreens from Bio Pharma
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Stack Grape from Universal Nutrition
  • Nutrition--Free Carb Intercept Sprinkles to Go sample from Natrol
  • Nutrition--Free samples from Diamond Herpanacine
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Nordic Naturals from Taste for Life
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Digest Basic from Taste for Life
  • Nutrition--Free sample of jGO - 32 Vitamins, Extracts and Enzymes
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Myoplex Nutrition Bar from EAS
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Vitaxan from ProMedX Health
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Whole-Leaf Aloe Vera Capsules
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Torrent from Universal Nutrition
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Nature's Bounty Fish Oil, Book, Coupon
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Curamin Natural Dietary Supplement
  • Nutrition--Free Nutritional Supplement samples from Gaspari
  • Nutrition--Free Product sample from Scottsdale Nutrition
  • Nutrition--Free Nutritional Supplement samples from StarCor
  • Nutrition--Free Product sample from Jarrow Formulas
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Dakota Flax Gold from Heintzman Farms
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Morph Supplement - Like No Other
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Seven Essentials from Healthy Living
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Leviathan Reloaded
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Revvida Extreme Body Fuel
  • Nutrition--Free Trial of Calcia Calcium Supplement
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Multi-Vitamins for Surgery Patients
  • Nutrition--Free Liquid Aminos samples from Bragg's
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Medifast Shake and Medifast Bar
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Spiru-tein Protein Shake (promo code: 9632)
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Aerobitine Anti-Fatigue Formula from SNAC
  • Nutrition--Free sample of Néctavida and Revvida Supplements
  • Nutrition--Free Doctor Mindell Nutritional Product sample and Brochure
  • Nutrition--Free Enzyme sample and Tahitian Noni Juice Tape

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freebies to Help Your Budget

  • Yoga Month--Free One Week Free Yoga with Yoga Month Card
  • iPod Touch--Free Entry to Win an iPod Touch with Free Music
  • Burger King--Free Entry to Win Lunch for a Year at Burger King
  • Famous Dave's--Free $15 Entree to "Dave's" on August 30, 2009
  • Bruise Relief Gel--Free sample of All Natural Bruise Relief Gel
  • Nutrena--Free DVD "How to Become Your Horse's Best Friend"
  • Purell--Free Purell Hand Sanitizer ( to US Military Personnel )
  • ShowerSmart--Free eaga ShowerSmart Unit ( Great Britain only )
  • Schwan's--Free Up to $10 in Food from Schwan's - Free Delivery
  • Crafts--Free 39 Summer Kitchen Crafts e-Book from FaveCrafts
  • Crafts--Free 22 Summer Crafts e-Book for Kids from FaveCrafts
  • Christmas Seals--Free 2009 Christmas Seals ( at bottom of page )
  • Boost--Free Boost Nutritional Energy Drink sample from Nestlé
  • Magazine--Free "Recruiter's Guide" and Queensboro Polo Shirt
  • Beech-Nut--Free Solid Baby Food Starter Kit from Beech-Nut
  • Welcome Wagon--Free Housewarming Gift to New Homeowners
  • ADT--Free Child Safety Kit with Fingerprint Kit, Magnet, Sticker
  • Goodyear--Free $20 Coupon toward $20 Purchase at Goodyear
  • Career Quiz--Free Career Personality Quiz - What's Best for You?
  • Nikwax--Free Waterproofing Wax, Basewash and Wool Wash
  • SunSetter--Free Info Kit, DVD & Coupon from SunSetter Awnings
  • $50 Gift Card--Free Card to to Qwest Customers
  • Giggity!--Free Family Guy Quiz - Which Character Are You?
  • Doh!--Free The Simpsons Quiz - Which Character Are You?
  • Scrubbing Bubbles--Free Shower Cleaner for Your Participation
  • Vancouver Canucks--Free Fan Pack with Cards, Sticker, Tattoo
  • Music Downloads for MP3 Players from
  • Purple Ribbon--Free Purple Ribbon Sticker from
  • $10 Gift Card--Free $10 Gift Card to Download Music from iTunes
  • USA Football--Free Patches, Helmet Decals, Pledges and Poster
  • Go to Mars--Free Sign-Up - Send Name to Mars on 2011 Mission
  • Magazine--Free 2-Issue Subscription to "O" - Oprah Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Business Week" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Dime" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Field & Stream" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Food Arts" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Forbes" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Internet Retailer" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Trade Magazines" of Your Choice
  • Best Buy--Free $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card for Your Participation
  • Dell XPS--Free Dell XPS Laptop Computer for Your Participation
  • Football Lover's--Free Total Football Package for Your Participation

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are You Really Living Green if You Drive a Car?

I have found that I don't have to own a car to live well! I moved to a small town that runs a little county bus for $1.50 each way! I can grocery shop for $3.00
This saves me thousands of dollars! No car payments, no car insurance, no repairs, no gasoline or oil (YEAH) and no contribution to global warming!

My beautiful world matters to me enough that I have decided to LIVE my beliefs!

I drive a truck for a living and feel guilty about the emissions but use the cleanest fuel and have an APU wich eliminates idling the truck to stay warm or cold at night.

I believe that rural Americans suffer by NOT having Public transportation. Some of you must own a car

Think long and hard about what you are doing to the planet if you own a car. (or 5 cars like some families)

Use all available public transportation.Put pressure on your elected officials to provide you with better public transportation.

Answer my question in comments:
Are You Really Living Green if You Drive a Car?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Mini Shopping Spree -US, Canada, UK, Worldwide

In this economy folks have started to think about using coupons to make purchases. I go one better and use my computer to go on a mini shopping spree FREE each morning! Thousands of companies worldwide offer free products to get you to eventually buy them. Not scams but great companies like Tide, Purina, Nestles!  Many send you a sample size in the mail FREE. These aren't the tiny samples you got from the Avon Lady, they are single serving size or single use samples, very nice!  I never choose offers that require postage or shipping and handling charges or any type purchase. I only choose offers that are 100% FREE! I have received free laundry detergent, fabric softener, tooth paste, single size boxes of cereal, shampoo, makeup, This has really helped keep my household budget on track. Turn your eyes to the right hand margin. I have included the feed from Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder to help get you started. You cab subscribe to their feed or visit daily to get new free items. Most items go quickly so you want them fresh.
Legit offers have you fill in a form online and then the product shows up FREE in your mailbox! You will need a form filler such as RoboForm to expedite the process. I have used the free version for years and it works just fine.
  Wal*Mart sends out some of the best free products. Bookmark the Free Sample page and check it often so you don't miss anything. Wal*Mart free samples