Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are You Really Living Green if You Drive a Car?

I have found that I don't have to own a car to live well! I moved to a small town that runs a little county bus for $1.50 each way! I can grocery shop for $3.00
This saves me thousands of dollars! No car payments, no car insurance, no repairs, no gasoline or oil (YEAH) and no contribution to global warming!

My beautiful world matters to me enough that I have decided to LIVE my beliefs!

I drive a truck for a living and feel guilty about the emissions but use the cleanest fuel and have an APU wich eliminates idling the truck to stay warm or cold at night.

I believe that rural Americans suffer by NOT having Public transportation. Some of you must own a car

Think long and hard about what you are doing to the planet if you own a car. (or 5 cars like some families)

Use all available public transportation.Put pressure on your elected officials to provide you with better public transportation.

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Are You Really Living Green if You Drive a Car?