Friday, October 2, 2009

Get Free Stuff -Free Organic Baby Product, Free Kits, Free Kids Posters, Free Walmart Samples

Turtle Mountain Request Coupons (print) Get It

Nature's One is offering a sample of Baby's Only Organic® Toddler DAIRY or SOY pediatric formula. This single-serve pouch makes one 8-ounce bottle. To receive a single-serve sample of DAIRY or SOY, please call (614) 898-9758 and select option #2 (follow the automated attendant prompts to complete the process). Please only one request per person, per household. USA delivery only.

Free $5.00 - you have to join free, it's already in your account when you log in.  Get it

BuddyCheck 9 Breast Health Kit and Tools
Request your free BuddyCheck 9 kit which includes important information on breast cancer health and tools to help you remember your monthly breast self-exam.
by mail:  DC, MD, VA, WV, DE, PA. (everyone else can download it)  Get it Here

Pacific Medical Centers : Free Wellness Kit: Request Form

Request a Free Sample Kit
Our free Sample Kit contains printed postcard samples in a variety of formats, a product and service guide and pricing information. To see our quality first hand, simply fill out the following form and we'll send you our free Sample Kit.
(if you are a blogger, pick publishing as your Industry, and your name or blog name as Business to get the free kit)   Get It Here

SPC Re-Form™ Sorbent Pad Sample Pack Request
To request a sample pack of Re-Form™ Sorbent Pads, please fill out the form.
Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping.
(This offer is open to residents of the United States who are 21 years of age or older and are employed by a manufacturing company or distributor.)   Get it

  • Garnier--Free sample of Garnier Fructis from Walmart
  • Zyrtec--Free 10mg sample of Zyrtec Tablets from Walmart
  • GoodNites--Free sample of GoodNites Underpants from Walmart
  • Huggies--Free Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Print Kit from Walmart
  • Emergen-C--Free sample of Emergen-C Drink Mix from Walmart
  • Nestlé--Free Planning Calendar and Coupons from Walmart
  • Prilosec OTC--Free sample of Prilosec OTC from Walmart
  • Playtex--Free sample of Playtex Sport from Walmart
  • Carefree--Free sample of Carefree Products from Walmart
  • Stayfree--Free sample of Stayfree Products from Walmart 
Free posters
  • Poster--Free Visual Training Posters of Your Choice from EMSL
  • Poster--Free "Your Choice of Posters" from Cabot Cheese
  • Poster--Free "Taylor Lautner" Poster from Teen Vogue Magazine
  • Poster--Free "Math Hard?" Poster from Maplesoft Software
  • Poster--Free "The Oil Age" Worldwide Oil Production Poster
  • Poster--Free "KidZibits" Poster from KidZibits Museum Exhibits
  • Poster--Free "Plundering Appalachia" Poster of Your Choice
  • Poster--Free "Recommended Safety Precautions" Welding Poster
  • Poster--Free "125th Anniversary" Poster from Gretsch Guitars
  • Poster--Free "Horse" Poster from Blaze the Trail
  • Poster--Free "Moose" Poster from Blaze the Trail
  • Poster--Free Series of Four Individual Anti-Smoking Posters
  • Poster--Free "Inspirational" Posters from Ignation
  • Poster--Free "Young Teens Need Calcium...So Pour It On!"
  • Poster--Free "Science and Technology of WWII" Poster
  • Poster--Free "Get the Scoop on Blueberries!" Poster
  • Poster--Free "Fire Prevention" Posters from the USFA
  • Poster--Free Poster from Artist Jeffrey Dunsbergen
  • Poster--Free Poster of Your Choice from General Tire
  • Poster--Free "Passover" Poster from the Afikim Foundation
  • Poster--Free "Women Are Scientists" Poster from Tech-Res
  • Poster--Free NASA Space Poster ( for K-4 Educators only )
  • Poster--Free "Rattlesnakes of Arizona" Poster ( e-mail request )
  • Poster--Free "Made in the USA" Poster from All American
  • Poster--Free "Internet Safety" Posters from Central Command
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  • Poster--Free "Keeping Our Oceans Clean and Safe" Poster
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  • Poster--Free Posters from the Pacific Northwest Research Station
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  • Poster--Free "Rendezvous at El Conquistador" Movie Poster
  • Poster--Free "US Constitution" Poster and Teaching Guide
  • Poster--Free "Ping Pong Rules" Poster from RoboPong
  • Poster--Free Poster of Trey Songz from Atlantic Records
  • Poster--Free "See Her as More Than a Meal" Poster
  • Poster--Free "Doctor Arbor Talks Trees" Poster
  • Poster--Free "National Bird Day" Posters (e-mail or call toll-free)
  • Poster--Free "VMWare" Poster and Free Copy of Server Software
  • Poster--Free "Duel Masters" Poster from Hasbro
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