Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Get $10 to spend at CJ Banks ,Plus Size Ladies Clothes Online

How to Get $10 to spend at CJ Banks ,Plus Size Ladies Clothes Online

I am not an affiliate of C.J. Banks...I am a savvy shopper!
What do I get for my efforts?  LOL Brownie points from my wife!
NOTE* I could have picked something for $10 to get it free + shipping
but Kat needed winter stuff!

To get your $10. to spend on your first order, sign up for CJ Banks email  HERE
They will send you an email worth $10 that you can bring in to the store
or click on the email and get your $10. online!

TIP* I almost didn't get my $10 because I didn't know this!
***go to CJ Banks BEFORE you click on the email,
sign up FREE and log in to your account
Then open your email in another window or tab, click the $10. email
Your $10 will show up in your shopping cart when you add an item/

Shipping : Buy 3 items and get $3 shipping!

OK here is how my Savings Added up:

Merchandise Subtotal: $30.77
$10 Off Your $20 Order or More! -$10.00
Estimated Shipping Charges: $7.95
Buy 3 items, Get $3 shipping -$4.95
Sales Tax:
Estimated Total: $25.43

My Total Savings/
Merchandise + shipping = $76.46
$76.46 - $25.43 = $52.69 savings!
I shopped the sales and clearance section for my 3 items.

here is another code
You will have a chance to enter discount codes during checkout.
Coupon code "90624" $10 off $20 purchase (can not use with code from the email)