Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free Download - The Alice.com iPhone App Has Arrived

The Alice.com iPhone App Has Arrived

Shop and order all of your household essentials with 100% free shipping
Add products to your Alice.com cart when you notice they are running low
Access price comparison, ingredients, customer reviews, and other data
Check your reorder alerts that help you order items before you run out
Find coupons and browse the top 50 daily deals on Alice.com

Download the free Alice app and get all of the benefits of Alice.com within
the power of your iPhone® and iPod touch®.

Put the power of Alice in your pocket-- Alice.com customers using the app
have full access to their product lists, coupons, reminders, shopping cart
to order just what they need when they need it.
Plus, all orders placed on the Alice.com app receive the same great
benefits you get anytime you order with Alice.com. 100% FREE SHIPPING,
great prices, automatic coupons, and a powerful reminder system to help you
avoid that emergency trip to the store.