Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Call In or Phone Freebies

800-682-8691 Free Membership in "Sears Craftsman Club" - Members Only Discounts

800-465-1904 Free Firestone Hotline for the Newly Recalled "Firehawk GTA" Tires

800-465-1904 Free Firestone and Bridgestone Hotline for Recalled SUV & Truck Tires

800-660-4719 Free Firestone and Bridgestone Hotline for Recalled Ford Vehicle Tires

800-342-2383 Free ADA "Diabetes Risk Test" from the American Diabetes Association

800-336-6947 Free "NY Institute of Photography" Home Study Catalog & $50 Coupon

800-231-7958 Free Roll of "Fiber Choice" Fiber Supplement and Product Coupon

800-319-9470 Free sample of "Shrinky-Dinks" Plastic Shrink Art from Gray Matter

888-350-9706 Free Money Information Package - Details on Current Free Cash Grants

877-428-7948 Free sample of New "Bounty Napkins" - Limited to One Per Household

877-436-7437 Free "George's Aloe Drink" - It's Healthy and Tastes Like Spring Water

800-729-6686 Free NCADI Girl Power! Assignment Book (shipped free to US only)

800-481-9645 Free 60-Minute Phone Card and Newsletter for Surveys from Flonase

800-868-8020 Free "Sony Digital Imaging Guide" and Personalized Product Advice

888-678-4667 Free Stock Options CD-Rom and Information on Free Classes Locally

877-866-5748 Free "Cancer Survival Tool Box" to Help Meet the Challenges of Cancer

888-878-3256 Free Consumer Action Manual from US Consumer Information Center

800-964-4723 Free $400 Discount on New GM Car Purchases (College Students only)

800-804-2300 Free "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules" Collectibles Catalog

888-936-2123 Free "Xena: Warrior Princess" Fan Club Info and Merchandise Catalog

800-597-2267 Free Centrum Vitamins Kit - Nutrition Booklets, Magnet and $1 Coupon

800-842-3030 Free Magnetic Dosing Chart and $2 Coupon on Children's Motrin Cold

877-811-7283 Free "EasySaver" Sign-Up Forms - Buy Savings Bonds Automatically

800-253-1301 Free "Use and Care Guides" - Owners Manuals for Whirlpool Appliances

888-316-6335 Free Call to Manhatten Model Search - Open Call for New Models

800-536-6335 Free Call to Manhatten Model Search - Open Call for New Models

888-465-8745 Free sample of "Hogwash" Motorcycle Cleaner - Concentrate or Spray

800-354-8785 Free Recall Information - Racer X20 Scooters from Cash & Go Telemania

800-827-1000 Free "Presidential Memorial Certificate" to Families of Deceased Vets

800-807-2780 Free Trial Issue of "Reader's Digest" Special Edition with LARGE TYPE

800-976-2263 Free NACME "Math Is Power!" Success Kit & "Sinbad" Comedian Poster

877-752-9454 Free $1 Gatorade Coupon & "Playbook for Kids" Parent's Sports Guide

800-227-2345 Free "Spiderman vs SmokeScreen" Comic Book (ACS website - limit 25)

800-764-2687 Free "Nicotrol" Stop Smoking Kit - Inhaler sample, Booklet & $5 Coupon

800-586-4872 Free "No Smoking" Signs and Catalog from American Lung Association

800-625-3246 Free La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings Kit - Decorating Magazine & Brochures

800-345-4500 Free Plastic Ring Sizer (from Spiegel catalog - item # N976765233T)

800-647-2000 Free Entry in Red Baron Pizza's "Run, Pass or Kick" Instant Win Contest

800-929-7062 Free Entry in Shape-Up and Cash-In Challenge - Lose Weight & Win Cash

800-359-8255 Free "Family Talk About Drinking" Prevention Program Guide and Video

800-522-8465 Free Open House Tours of Catholic High Schools - Call for Information

800-984-9393 Free Mail-Order Business Start-Up Kit from Specialty Merchandise Corp

800-470-5656 Free Art Test from Art Instruction School - Get a Professional Evaluation

800-274-4262 Free "Benefits Guide Book" for American Nursing Association Members

800-424-3410 Free "Purchase Privilege Program" AARP Member's Discount Directory

877-467-6583 Free "Figure This" Family Math Challenge Sheets and Answer Sheets

800-733-5627 Free "Job Corps" Sign-Up for Kids 16-24 - Free Job Training & Get Paid

877-433-7827 Free "Read*Write*Now!" Activities Kit for the Family (item# EA0075R)

877-696-6245 Free "Mobil Speedpass" Device - Request a Device or Activate Account

888-663-4637 Free March of Dimes "Walk America" Pledge Sheets and Info (press 4)

800-843-8777 Free USPS "Direct Mail" 3-Ring Binder Information Kit for Businesses

800-252-8379 Free Avery-Dennison New Products Catalog with Card for 3 samples

800-222-5771 Free Issue "Senior Selections" Magazine and "Tried and True" Cookbook

877-335-5646 Free John Tesh Radio Show Requests and "Intelligence for Life" Catalog
800-729-6686 Free "Teen Drinking Prevention Program" Start-Up Kit (item #phd710)

888-255-7389 Free "Teen Driver" Safety Materials Package from Allstate Insurance

800-543-0120 Free Disposable Ear Plug samples from Howard Leight (Businesses only)

800-472-3346 Free Lowe's "Home Safety Packet" - Poster, Safety Tips and Checklist

800-472-3346 Free Lowe's "Great Safety Adventure" - Poster and Safety Information

800-588-3999 Free "Basics" Cigarettes Merchandise Catalog & Money Saving Coupon

800-341-5211 Free Sign-Up on Brown and Williamson Tobacco Promotions Mailing List

800-862-2226 Free Sign-Up on Winston Mailing List - Special Offers and Promotions

800-616-8321 Free Pond Liner Material sample & Dripworks Catalog (Organic Garden)

800-347-5700 Free "Meguiar's Tire Protectant Gel" sample (on the radio - press 0)

800-817-9797 Free "Building Wealth" Internet Workshops - Free Classes in Your Area

800-474-5568 Free "Weber BBQ Grill Line" - Free Booklet, Recipes and Cooking Help

800-272-9652 Free "Crayon Stain Removal Guide" from Makers of Crayola Crayons

800-882-8846 Free "Carpet Stain Removal Guide" from the Carpet and Rug Institute

800-225-2141 Free Futures Trader's Calendar and Reference Guide (1st American site)

877-404-8300 Free "Water Analysis Kit" from Advanced Water Systems and Rain Soft

800-985-2220 Free "Bulb Guard" Safety Kit for Halogen Lamps - Free In Stores or By Mail

800-668-3299 Free "Address Express" Moving Kit from State Farm - Free Address Service

800-232-1121 Free Convention and Meeting Supply samples and Catalog (from Marco site)

800-471-1453 Free "Official Court Notice" Package - Sign-Up for Fen-phen Settlement

800-448-9835 Free DuPont "Tyvek Home Wrap" sample and Info Kit (in Southern Living)

800-669-2635 Free CitiBank "Credit Minder" Register - Tracks Your Charged Purchases

800-298-2436 Free Lung Cancer Awareness Ribbon & Newsletter (from Alcase website)

800-538-2287 Free "Amazing Bat Facts" and Bat Trivia Quiz (Bat Conservation website)

800-392-7591 Free Claim Form - PB Plumbing Pipes Class-Action Law Suit Settlement

800-309-2974 Free "Vanguard" Hemp Paper Brochure sample (from Living Tree site)

800-595-5505 Free "Train at Home" Course Information from Int'l Correspondence School

800-621-5436 Free "Grip Strip" Textured Gripping Surface for Tools (Contractors only)

800-395-6600 Free "Siding Estimator" CD-Rom from Sears Siding (Homeowners only)

800-395-6600 Free "Siding Estimator" Calculator from Sears Siding (Homeowners only)

800-997-8466 Free California Wine Club Newsletter, Brochure, Tasting Tips, Recipes

800-789-2451 Free "Diver Starter Kit" for New Scuba Divers - Info, Tips, Local Dealers

800-421-5947 Free Radiant Barrier sample & Brochure (Advanced Foil Systems website)

800-438-7465 Free "MiraFlex" Insulation sample and Owens Corning "Energy Savings Kit"

800-654-3103 Free "ComfortTherm" Insulation sample and Brochure (John Manville site)

800-404-2878 Free Scotch "Draw-Tite" Drywall Surface Conditioner and Primer sample

800-934-3342 Free Bank Fraud Alert - Is Your Bank Really FDIC Insured? Find Out for Free

800-336-2163 Free Student Internship Application - Get a Temporary Job with the CIA

800-962-9398 Free Student Internship Application - Get a Temporary Job with the NSA

800-528-4481 Free "Gila Solar Film" sample - For Home and Auto Glass (their site)

800-545-5736 Free Youth Change "Drug Intervention Kit" (to US Professionals only)

800-842-5580 Free "First Name" Certificate and Home Computer Business Info Kit (#A64

800-333-6056 Free Info Kit and Application for Au Pair Services (from EF Au Pair website)

800-965-0580 Free "Gold Investment Guide" Info Kit from Lear Gold Brokers (in World)

800-227-7282 Free "Publishing Your Personal Cookbook" Kit from Cookbook Publishers

800-766-2527 Free Telescoping Mailing Tubes Sampler Kit (Custom Paper Tubes website)

800-426-4791 Free EPA Annual Drinking Water Purity Report - Tap Water vs Bottled Water
800-948-1650 Free "DigitColor Paper" samples from Tech Papers (in Digital Camera)

888-556-5563 Free sample of "C-Shell" CD and Software Packaging (Digital Document)

800-779-1158 Free Printed Flyer, Catalog and Box Wrap samples from Separacolor

800-243-6624 Free "QuickGuard" Property Tag samples and Catalog (Seton website)

800-218-2233 Free "It's Alive!" Live Action Direct Kit (Duplication Factory website)

800-928-6468 Free Hot Coin List/Market Update/Rare Coin Profit Report from Austin Coins

800-729-6686 Free "Substance Abuse in the Workplace" Employer Handouts (#rpo899)

888-578-5573 Free Swatch-Sized sample of "Clean and Safe Drop Cloth" (their website)

800-205-6700 Free E-Mail into Voicemail with 15-Minutes Free Access from Any Phone

800-833-6243 Free "Youth for Understanding" Scholarship/Student/Host Applications

888-558-5154 Free Danco "Bust Enhancer Capsules" Information Packet (Energy Times)

800-525-0656 Free Greeting Card sample, Coupon & Catalog (from Leanin' Tree site)

800-699-2059 Free "D R Field and Brush Mower" Video and Catalog (from their site)

888-736-4747 Free "Pencil Grip" Info - Ergonomically Correct Non-Toxic Writing Aid

800-367-6422 Free Formica Counter-Top "Zip-Chip" samples and "Use and Care Guide"

888-600-5637 Free Downspout Clip sample and Info (from E-Z Way Products website)

800-322-2282 Free "IRA Transfer Kit" from AARP Mutual Funds and Scudder (x931

888-240-4039 Free $100 Coupon and Hearing Loss Booklet - Prisma Digital Hearing Aids

800-368-7676 Free Hearing Test from Beltone Hearing Aids - Call for Nearest Location

800-232-1311 Free "Smoker" Stickers from CDC - Use on Medical Charts (35 per sheet)

800-635-6655 Free Commodity Futures and Options Kit from the Investors Trading Group

800-445-6937 Free "Kitchen & Bath Project Planning Guide" from Lowe's (in Handyman)

800-921-3200 Free "Toughest Weeds" Wall Chart & Dr Trimmer Brochure (Handyman)

800-626-2574 Free "Shocking Truth about Subliminal Tapes" Report (Psychology Today)

800-669-2635 Free CitiBank "Credit-Minder" Register - Record Your Charged Purchases

800-348-2398 Free 2-pc sample of "Dri-Dek" Interlocking Deck Tiles, Tips and Brochure

800-728-4482 Free "Gold Recycle Kit" - Sell Your Scrap and Dental Gold to Lippincott

800-992-9392 Free "Telephone Guide for People Who Stutter" (Stuttering Foundation site)

800-222-3334 Free "Hooked on Phonics" Learning Program Information Kit

800-827-5335 Free "Resource Kit" - Daycare/Eldercare Resources for Workers & Family

800-851-1241 Free Custom Printed Donut Box sample to Businesses (Calling Cartons site)

888-866-4685 Free "Doctoral Career" Course Information from University of Metaphysics

800-888-8830 Free sample Clean Team "Smart Card" Credit Card Reader Cleaning Card

800-225-8575 Free Mutual Funds "Report Cards" from Schwab - Analyze Your Mutual Funds

877-433-7827 Free "Literacy: It's a Whole New World" Literacy Kit to Organizations

800-622-8988 Free Single-Point Automatic Lubricant sample from Lubrication Products

800-433-1782 Free Convergence Mouse Pad/Counter Pad samples (to Businesses only)

800-732-3009 Free Home Computer Published Books Info and Sample Pack (Hefty site)

800-275-7770 Free Home Computer Published Books Info and Sample Pack (Best site)

800-663-7090 Free "Fanatic Fishing Club" Rewards, Info, Video, Newsletter (Oak Bay site)

800-927-7588 Free Application for Unused Federal Buildings/Land for Use by Homeless

800-418-3676 Free Application for Disc Jockey License from Federal Trade Commission

800-201-9463 Free Personalized Wine Bottle Label samples (from Wine Design adcard)

800-322-5850 Free "House Dressing Furniture" Brochure - Save Money on New Furniture

800-700-4515 Free "No-Slip Suspender Clip" sample and Brochure (from Hold-Up website)

800-827-3667 Free "Garage Door Safety Kit" (from the Wayne-Dalton Company website)

800-232-1121 Free Convention and Meeting Supply samples and Catalog (Marco website)

800-213-3943 Free Sample Import and Two Mail Order Business Reports from Mellinger