Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Rid of those House Payments

Our nation has been fooled into thinking that the only way to live is to live in debt! That is a lie that has made Bankers rich. You don't need house payments!  There are other ways to buy a home! It will take a little more homework and know - how on your part...but you can buy a house and live happily with NO HOUSE PAYMENTS!

You don't even need credit to buy a home.
You can buy at auction or Tax Sales...some Counties have lists of properties for sale.
Once you find a property you will need a Home Inspector to find out what repairs are needed.
Find a home Inspector here 

American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI

Ideas for finding a home to buy:


Current List Available Now


Double-Wide Mobile Home   current bid  $1,025

Flint, MI 3bd 1bth home with full basement current bid $510.

Once you own a home you can make repairs at your leisure!
Think of all the repairs and upgrades you can afford IF you don't have any house payments!

Absolute Auction: Brick 3BR Charmer! Bishop St. Detroit! $2,995.00
2 days

Where can I get the money to buy a house at Auction?
Save of course, pack a lunch to work, cook at home, grow a garden, give up Fancy Starbucks coffee, get a cheaper cell phone plan....if you look at where you spend money you will discover a place in your budget to save for your home...some people move in with family or friends to quickly save the small amount you will need!

More affordable homes:
North and South Dakota has a unique economy loaded with lovely small towns afraid of becoming extinct! Large sturdy homes dirt cheap, family enviornment and jobs make this an attractive area to raise a family or retire!

Is the Price for Real?
$10,000 Just Reduced!
Description: Yes, you can believe the price. The tenants have left and the owner wants to sell! It is in move-in condition. See it! Believe it!

Find More Listings Here